Specializing in Custom Homes

traditional & contemporary style homes
Although diversified, our forte and roots have always been custom homes. Whether from the ground up or renovation, helping our clients' dreams to come true is the greatest gratification for us. Whereas, due to the early vision and efficient management of its founders, All Creative Construction Inc. has produced consistently high quality housing. This has added significantly to the enhancement of our city and to the future of the residents in our community.


All Creative Construction

The Beginning of All Creative Construction

We began in 1982 as a determination and a dream. In organizing All Creative Construction, Inc. a small group of hands on executives, seasoned managers, and supervisors were assembled; all who have worked in the field for many years.

Green Construction at its best

Our green concerns reach active measures in renovations, innovations in new building projects. To defray some of the costs installing these new systems, All Creative Construction, Inc. is taking advantage of a number of programs. Additional active measures in our overall construction.

What our customers say about our construction

My wife, Cheryl and I had been planning to build our retirement dream home on a special piece of property in Malibu where I had grown up in the 50's and 60's. This property was special because my mom and dad had built the original beach house there when I was 5 years old and we wanted our project to be perfect......




Custom Homes and Remodels

We have over 30 years of experience in building custom homes from the ground up (which is our forte).

Ground up Renovation

Building a new or custom home? The more you know about the process, the more enjoyable your experience. Our expertise will make this process easier for you.

Building Homes
for the Homeless

The ever growing problem of the homeless was a major concern for All Creative Construction Inc. In realizing the need for the homeless and putting that concern into action, we started building homes for the homeless in 1985 with L.A. Family Housing Corp. We have finished over fourteen projects, which have been both satisfying and rewarding.

Apartment Complexes and Commercial Buildings

With 30 years experience we know the in' s and out's of apartment complex and commercial work. Saving you time and expense.




High Quality Construction

We strive for the highest quality of construction within the owner's budget. Therefore, this requires a cooperative spirit among the owner, architect, and contractor. We strongly believe in that team concept of working together.

Executing Your plans on time

Time is of the essence and delays are costly for everyone. Accordingly, executing our plan on time entails well-organized scheduling and good communication. Our priority is to schedule a project from beginning to finish, way in advance, and to anticipate any delay.

Community Impact

An organized, neat, and clean project can have a positive effect on the community. Additionally, the upgrade provides environmentally safe and energy efficient materials.